Kaschau Industrial Gathering

I. Kaschau Industrial Gathering
13.5.2016 @ Ponorka Music Club

friday 13th of May, Ponorka Music Club, Košice, Slovak Republic → FACEBOOK

The Action

Kaschau Industrial Gathering is a meeting of all fans of forward-thinking and/or dark musical and artistic expression. Darkness is an essential antidote to ubiquitous gluey sweetness of media representing shallowness and servility as seen everywhere. We gather our electronic apparatus to improvise and live act in a celebration of chaos, control and ascension.

The Lineup


Well established workers in a field of ELECTRONIC BODY MUSIC. (SVK) → FACEBOOK BANDCAMP


Pair of string machines operators under the monotone accompanion of deaf drummer girl playing INDUSTRIAL/GOTHIC PUNK. (SVK) → WEBSITE


By abusing both analog and digital pathway, their goal is to destroy every foetus of rhythm and harmony in the very beginning. What results in NOISE. (SVK)


This genre-undefined musical/sonical group describes their style as PSYCHOSONIC (SVK).


This activist, DJ and independent journalist will lead us into the emtpy hallways of NEW WAVE and POST PUNK. (AT) → WEBSITE


Well know dj from district of Prešov will guide our dance moves in the sound of ELECTRO and INDUSTRIAL. (SVK) → SOUNDCLOUD

The Place & Price

Music Club Ponorka, Báčikova Street, Košice. BOYZ: 2€ GRLZ: Free

The Poster

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